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After a 1st round defeat at Tampa bay las weekend, FFC's second season is in the books. It was a season filled with highs and lows. Frustration and elation throughout the season lead supporters to question what happened. We seemed to have a great core returning group from last year's inaugural season. To much chagrin, that core was not what it was a year ago. With constant tinkering from Koch and never a consistent starting XI, the season had moments of greatness and moments of utter frustration. Taking MLS Red Bulls to extra time in USOC and then turning around and losing 4-0 to Baby Bulls that following weekend. It was those night and day performances that left fans asking questions. Personally, I feel that the president of the team should leave on the field matters to the coach and worry less about TV time for himself. From #62goals on, Berding made it apparent he wanted the spotlight on him and not what was happening on the field. Hopefully he sees this and takes a step back and lets the coaches do their job to make 2018 a more successful campaign. As far as what is on the horizon.... I guess December will tell us those answers as we await approval as an MLS expansion team. For many, it is MLS or bust. For just as many people, we are content having a competitive 2nd division club to cheer for every week. We will soon know if FCC is a flash in the pot or a sustainable product of the city. I won't even get into the stadium debate as everyone has an opinion on it and in the end, our opinions don't matter. So as I personally look forward to spending time with my friends again next season, I am sad to see some familiar faces of the club move on. From yelling "that Polak's no joke" to "Wiedo likes his shirt off", those memories we have build, friendships found and family growing, 2017 will definitely hold a place in our hearts but also a lump in our throats.

Cheers to all and to all a good night!

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